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Travelling with bicycles on Trento Malé Mezzana trains 

Trento – Malè – Mezzana line from 15 April to 23 June 2023



  • The trains running on the Trento – Mezzana route and vice versa provide a bicycle transport service for a maximum number of 4 seats.
  • It is permissible to book a place for bikes by contacting 331-2671465 within the day preceding the trip, in the time slot from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. A phone number from which no answer is received will not be called back. Without a reservation, the transport is not guaranteed.
  • The transport of e-bikes is allowed.
  • The traveller shall have to see to it independently that the bikes and e-bikes are loaded and unloaded.
  • The transport of a maximum of 2 child bike trailers folded and with the drawbar removed is allowed.


  • A BikeBus service is provided with bike transport on the Mostizzolo to Mezzana route, according to the specifications mentioned on the relevant advertised flyer, for a maximum number of 24 seats.
  • Bike seat booking is not required on a BikeBus.
  • The transport of a maximum of 3 child bike trailers folded and with the drawbar removed is allowed.
  • The service is performed by a private car rental operator.
  • The ticket may only be purchased on board the BikeBus.
  • The service is free for Trentino Guest Card and Val di Sole Guest Card holders.

Link to the BikeBus flyer for more details.


Travelling with bicycles on Trento Bassano trains 

Timetable from 13 February 2023 until date to be set 

To check the possibility of bicycle transport, consult the timetables available on our website.

The replacement buses do NOT perform the transport service for accompanying bicycles. 


Bicycle transport on suburban line buses

It is possible to transport bicycles on suburban line buses but this is limited to the room available in the baggage compartment into which the passenger must load the bike. For this reason, travellers must check first that there is room. The availability of space varies and depends on bus model. On average, about up to 2 bicycles can be transported.

We suggest you bring along elastic straps with which to block your bike and limit its moving around in the baggage compartment. The Company will not be held liable for any damages to the bicycle occurred during transport.

Only one-seat, normal traction bicycles (i.e. not motor-driven) are allowed on the racks and in the baggage compartments. This means that electric bicycles and scooters will not be allowed on board.

Bicycle transport on the cableway

It is possible to transport bicycles on the Trento-Sardagna Cableway, but the cableway operator must be alerted first. A special run is dedicated to the transport of bicycles, even electric bicycles.

Bicycle transport is currently not allowed on city buses.

Service charges

The provincial rate for bicycle transport is 2.00 € for each section travelled (regardless of distance). This rate is applied to all trains and suburban buses within the borders of the Province, including the Trento-Sardagna cableway.

Free transport of folding bicycles

The Provincial Council – via resolution No. 1229 of 12 August 2019 – has ordered, with immediate effect, the free transport of folding bicycles, as long as they are in folded position, on all suburban public transportation lines, trains and buses with baggage compartment (where present and when room is available) of the Autonomous Province of Trento.