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Rovereto city bus fares.

Rates vald from 1st January 2012.

“AMBITO COMUNALE” (Municipal area) tickets are valid for travel within a given Municipality in the Rovereto District (CALLIANO-ISERA-MORI-NOMI-POMAROLO-VOLANO. NOGAREDO and VILLALAGARINA are a considered a single municipality; bus stops in PORTE DI TRAMBILENO fall within the ROVERETO municipality).

PIANO D’AREA” tickets are valid for journeys throughout all the municipalities of the Rovereto District. 

Rovereto District tickets may also be used on Saturday night buses to and from Besenello.

Tickets for the Rovereto City Bus Service can be bought at:

  • the ticket office at Rovereto Bus Station;
  • authorised ticket sellers in the Municipality of Rovereto and the other Municipalities in the Rovereto District;
  • automatic ticket machines at stations and bus stops;


  Municipal area PIANO D’AREA
  Ticket APP Ticket APP
Valid only within the Municipality of Rovereto or within a single municipality in the Rovereto District
70-minutes Rovereto (municipal) single city bus ticket
1,00 0,90    
Valid for all journeys within the Rovereto District 
180-minutes Rovereto District single city bus ticket
    1,40 1,25
Single-day ticket. Valid only on Rovereto City Bus Service route A until midnight on the day the ticket is stamped
Route A city bus day ticket
    2,50 2,50
10 tickets stock
Each ticket 70 minutes
10 biglietti stock
Each ticket 180 minutes
Single-day ticket  A, B, AB lines
Vale fino alle ore 24 del giorno di utilizzo solo su linee A, B, AB
1,50 1,50    


Regional tickets and season tickets are noy valid on these routes nor on any city bus routes.

Tickets may be used on regional buses on sections of routes within the Municipalities’ administrative areas (excluding villages in the municipality of Mori not covered by city buses services; excluding Trambileno (except for Porte di Trambileno stops); and excluding Besenello.

Regional buses do not provide a local city bus service in Rovereto town centre between and including the bus stops of Sant'Ilario and Lizzanella. Tickets may also be used on the Rovereto - Mori section of Trenitalia Railways (this applies both to municipal tickets if stamped within the Municipality of Rovereto and to Piano d’Area tickets).

Passengers boarding a regional bus without a city bus ticket will be issued with a ticket charged at the regional fare for the distance travelled.

Tickets must be immediately stamped every time you board a bus and must be kept with you until you get off. They are valid to the end of the line if stamped during their period of validity. Once stamped they are non-transferable. If there is no machine for stamping your ticket or if it is not working, write the date and time on your ticket clearly using a pen.