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APP per Mobile Ticketing

To purchase your local public transport ticket in Trentino at the MITT (Mobilità Integrata Trasporti Trentino) rate via smartphone, download one of the following APPs valid for Android and iOS - the price of the ticket will be discounted by 10%:

Free and available on Android or iOS

  • openmove OpenMove (only with credit card)


  • dropticket DropTicket (only with credit card and DropPay)

  • mooneygo myCicero logoMooneyGo (ex myCicero) (with credit card, Satispay, Postepay, Bill SisalPay, Mooney SisalPay)


  • 360PASS 360 PASS  HITACHI (with credit card, Satispay, Postepay, Bill SisalPay, Mooney SisalPay)


      • APPmiotrentinoMio Trentino (with credit card)

      APP for real-time timetable information

      For timetables and route search, with actual waiting times at stops in real time:

      • Muoversi

        Muoversi in Trentino

        • appstore

        •   Android version 9 or later

      The Muoversi in Trentino APP provides geo-referenced information in real time on local public transport services in the province of Trento regarding runs/lines, timetables, travel times, any delays of public transport and actual expected waiting times at stops, "find route" functions, integration with bike sharing services with the possibility of selecting preferential runs/lines.

      How to use the Muoversi in Trentino APP