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Pergine city bus fares


The suburban service runs between Pergine Valsugana and its outlying villages.

Travel tickets are available from the following points of sale or counters:

  • authorised ticket sellers in the Municipality of Pergine Valsugana;
  • from staff on board the buses;
  • scalar credit or Mobile Ticket


title type Pre-Printed Ticket value scalare Mobile Ticket
City bus ticket valid for 70 minutes
1,00 0,90 0,90
City bus ticket valid for 150 minutes 1,30 1,30 1,15
City bus day ticketvalid until midnight of the day of use 2,60 2,60 2,35
Carnet of 10 x 70-minute tickets NOT to be sold separately 9,00 - -
Single trip sold on board 3,00 - -
Up to 5 children under the age of 6 travel free when accompanied by an adult with a valid travel document.


Unlike other city services, the scalar card must always be validated both check-in and check-out


The "URBANO PERGINE" tariff applies to the fractions included in the gray area:




In the authorized points of sale in the municipality of Pergine Valsugana;