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Travelling with animals (dogs, cats and small pets) on Trentino Trasporti trains and buses

Passengers can travel for free with lap dogs and small pets that are small enough to be held comfortably in the owner’s arms.

Larger pets are allowed to travel onboard according to available space. They will require payment of a ticket (with the exclusion of guide dogs for people with vision and hearing loss – these dogs travel for free).

In both cases, the animals travel under the accompanying person’s responsibility, and this person is required to take all precautions and measures necessary so as not to cause damage or disturbance to other passengers.

In detail, dogs are required to wear a muzzle and leash not longer than 1.5 metres. Both are mandatory for all dogs, regardless of size, with the exclusion of: guide dogs for people with visual or hearing loss; trained dogs accompanying disabled people; dogs working with armed forces, police, civil protection and fire fighters (Order 6 Aug. 2013 of the Italian Health Ministry, Art. 5).

Animals belonging to wild and dangerous species are not allowed on board.

Each passenger may accompany only one animal (with the exception of the Trento-Sardagna cableway where more than one animal per passenger is allowed on special runs arranged for the purpose without other passengers).

Should the animal soil or damage the vehicle/train or cause any kind of damage to persons or objects, the owner will be held liable for damage compensation.

For further information, read the Condizioni di trasporto  (Terms & Conditions for Transport)