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Trento city bus tickets.

Faresvalid from 1st March 2013.

Tickets may be bought at:the kiosk inside the Railway Station in Trento;

  • the central ticket office at the Bus Station in Trento;
  • at Trento, Mezzolombardo and Cles stations on the Trento-Malè (FTM) railway line;
  • authorised ticket sellers in the Municipality of Trento and Lavis;
  • automatic ticket machines at stations and bus stops;


Type of tickets Single ticket
City bus ticket valid for 70 minutes
also starting form 01/01/2019 valid between Trento and Lavis
City bus ticket valid for 120 minuti
also starting form 01/01/2019 valid between Trento and Lavis
City bus day ticket valid until midnight of the day of use (until midnight)
also starting form 01/01/2019 valid between Trento and Lavis
Single ticket bought on board 2,00
Trento – Sardagna Cable Car Tourist ticket - one way 3,00
Trento – Sardagna Cable Car Tourist ticket - go and back 5,00


City bus tickets are valid from the time they are first stamped in the machine on the bus.

All city bus tickets are also valid on the “Car Park Shuttle” buses, under the same conditions of use. Tickets must be immediately stamped every time you board a bus and must be kept with you until you get off.

They are valid to the end of the line if stamped during their period of validity.

Once stamped they are non-transferable. If there is no machine for stamping your ticket or if it is not working, write the date and time on your ticket clearly using a pen. A ticket is valid for travel until the date written on it, regardless of any fare changes.

After that date it may no longer be used nor refunded nor exchanged. 70-minute city bus tickets and day tickets may be used on regional buses on sections of routes within the Municipality of Trento only where a local service operates (Cadine, Valsorda, Sardagna, Vigolo Baselga, Mattarello south, Ravina and Romagnano), on the Trento-Sardagna cable car (only for residents of the Province), on the Trento-Lamar section of the Trento–Malè–Marilleva Railway (FTM) and on the Trento-Povo/Mesiano section of Trenitalia Railways. 120-minute tickets are also valid on the Trento–Malè–Marilleva Railway (FTM) to Lavis, Zambana and Nave San Felice stations, for the Trento-Lavis section of Trenitalia Railways and on regional buses and trains to and from Lavis and its outlying villages. In these cases, the city bus ticket must be stamped before boarding the bus or train where there is a machine for this purpose. Passengers boarding a regional bus without a city bus ticket will be issued with a ticket charged at the regional fare for the distance travelled.